About Us

Constant innovation in each of our departments, integrated workflow and confidence our customers have given us for 30 years serving the manufacturing industry has allowed us to create a wide range of services that identify us as an integral business support to foreign trade.

Our main strength

Currently operates its own patent SECOMEX customs broker, our activities are focused mainly to the processing industry as IMMEX, ALTEX, ECEX and automotive industry.

We have qualified and expert in the field of international trade, personal commitment to identify, meet and meet the specific needs of our clients in areas such as operation, management, storage, clearance of goods, design of ground and air logistics, regulatory assistance and legal, customer service and inspection of merchandise.


Staying on customer preference based on unreserved effort in care and service to them.
Remain unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a responsible and committed to the rules.
Offer comprehensive services in international trade to generate the customer a high value.
Being a good firm Sonora.


Being a company where there is always a challenge as a challenge and a goal to reach.
Being a company that is characterized by his professional ethics as its top letter.
Being a company where the strength lies always in its staff and team.
Being a company where their constant innovation is always the principle of evolution and development of human talent.
Being a company where their main objective is always the preference of its customers.
Being a company which is always reflected the commitment to make things better.

Company Philosophy

Competition is the foundation of human development.

The country has been eliminated as the dominant force of its economy, has disappeared or will disappear. For the same reason, we will remove it if trying to provide security.

The competition determines who will be both losers and winners in the game. The competition will determine the disappearance of the lazy and incompetent, whether employees, customers or suppliers. The competition promotes progress. Determine who will be the leader. It is the only known way in which the direction and progress can be developed, if history means something.

It's a hard lesson. But it is absolutely necessary for everyone, if anyone wants to develop.

If you could find a way in which competition would be eliminated from life, the result would be disastrous.

Any country and any people away if life becomes too easy.

As history shows, it is safe for a hard life. The danger is in a life that has become soft by the absence of competition.

James F. Lincoln
Extract from the case "The Lincoln Electric Company"